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Life Enrichment Consultant Group offers a variety of stimulating activities. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a dedicated group of individuals .

Janet- Atlanta, GA 

Life Enrichment adds so much value to the quality of life. Its the medicine for your soul.

Vanessa McCall- Atlanta GA

Director of Sales and Marketing

Peta is a vibrant woman who demonstrates whole heartedly what compassion should look like in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare provider with over 30 years experience, I have never witnessed engaging activities where residents are always vibrant and ready for what's next. Alzheimer's resident excelling in trivia, embracing various activities and a marvelous choir that will amaze anyone. Her activities have enhanced the lives of those she has committed her heart. She encourages participation from anyone who steps into their space which; often brightens the experience. I am excited to see her expanding her talents to reward various individuals the privilege of true life engagement.

Mrs. Juanita Gichana-Atlanta GA

Director of Healthcare

Once you see the compassion Peta has for others, you will understand why she excels at her role as a life enhancing care giver. The stimulation that Peta provides will delay the dementia progression. I have witnessed the results and I highly recommend her services.

Haley Lewis- Locust Grove, GA

Director of Sales and Marketing

Peta has a great rapport with dementia and Alzheimer's patients and understands how much quality of life is improved by integrating the mind and body with stimulating activities.  She is pleasant to work with, easy to talk to and embodies the terms empathy and compassion.  I highly recommended her services!

Dr. Scott Manis, MD 

Atlanta, GA 

Life Enrichment Consulting Group has provided many seniors that are affected with dementia with a quality of life that is un-matched. It makes me feel good to know that the social, spiritual, and emotional well being of those battling with this disease are being nurtured. Life Enrichment Consulting Group makes it their priority to improve the quality of life for all those involved, family and client alike.

I would highly recommend Life Enrichment Consulting Group. I have seen them change lives of seniors and families for the better.

Shwan Morawsky,CDP

Sales Counselor