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Company Founder

Peta Henry, CDP

Peta Henry-Ellis, after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology began her career as a visual designer.  She soon realized that her true passion is helping to improve the lives of seniors in need of stimulating activities. When she left her career in design, she embarked on a new path as an activities director for a Alzheimer’ assisted living community.  Before long, she realized that God has given her a special gift. She found ways to create positive outcomes and moments of joy for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.

Her new passion inspired her to acquire more insight into the healthcare industry leading to her becoming a Medical Assistant, Certified Activity Director and Certified Dementia Care Specialist.  Her infectious smile and warm heart encourages individuals to enjoy the gift of life.  She established  Life Enrichment Consulting Group and instilled the principle "Your Life Is Our Purpose " as the basis on which our group  is founded.